Not very much to tell. The POP proxy project is almost finished. All the domain transfer scripts, the domain list transfer scripts etc. etc. are made. But we’re still waiting for the new mailserver, where half of all the domains at the first mailserver will be moved to. But it should be there before saturday. That night we are going to replace everything. Move half of the accounts to the new server, move the servers fysically to a new rack and to install the POP proxy, that is. I’ll share the ‘transfer-domain-to-other-vpopmail-server’ script with you on my qmail page, some days :).

The DigiMatrix project isn’t quite active yet, as I’m working on the e-mail change and Harmbox, an analystic tool I’ve created during my internship at Bronkhorst Travel. That all takes a lot of time. And there’s also the training of my football team. We’ve had about 4 training sessions by now and in one hour the fifth one. My condition was really good, I wasn’t the first one gapping after a run exercise ;). Also goalkeeping went very well, had lots of difficult balls, without even a keeper training session. That’s quite some years ago that happened last :). Well, everybody, have a nice vacation. Till the next log!

Written by Harm

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