Yep, here’s your truely active logger again, _not_.

Actually, the reason that my log wasn’t quite active is really simple. I’ve just experienced the busiest period (semester) of my whole damn school career at the ‘Fontys Hogescholen’. Jesus! Everyone who already had followed the 10th period said: ‘oh, period 10, that’s just doing nothing before your second internship’. Right!

In this semester there was only one interesting (in a technical view) course: TLA (‘toegepaste lineaire algebra’ – applied linear algebra). In the lessons we learned all the theory around matrixes and vectors, like translating or rotating them. In the practical lessons we started displaying small cubes, and played around with colors and that kind of things. In short: we were making a very primitive 3D-engine. Really cool course!

Besides TLA we also had: UID (user interface design), LOG (‘logistiek’ – logistics), ProTes (‘proma testen’ – project testing) and ProKwa (‘proma kwaliteit’ – project quality). UID was just the theory around UID ;), in short: go after the requirements and ability from your customer and fix it. I thought we learned something about the style-guide of Windows. That’s a pity, because I was interested in that part.

LOG was a course that was interesting (in a commercial view). Everything around logistics was covered. Forecasting, stock and order management, small things of marketing and so on. The practical side of the course was like an Excel tutorial.

ProKwa was about quality management of software after the CMM(i) model. Really boring course, but after doing some small presentations and making some papers you passed…

ProTes is another story. It is a really weird course about testing of software. It is done by the TMap method. Actually I morely think it is a way to manage testing. In the book about TMap they’re not going very deep into the technical part of testing, that’s sad. Management of these things is done by experts on that part ;).

Well, that about school, I already passed UID, ProKwa and LOG. TLA has to be finished with an examination and ProTes by a report, which isn’t checked yet. But then, after finishing this semester (13th of January I believe) it is time to take my second internship. Which will be at TNO. If I have some time (yep, I’m saying the magic words) somewhere, I’ll tell something about it ;). Well, a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Written by Harm

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