I’m thinking of buying I have bought an ASUS DigiMatrix ‘Home Theater PC’ (HTPC), to put Linux on it.I’ve won the box on eBay and have received it a few days ago. Today (16-7) I have received the processor (Intel Celeron D 2,4GHz), memory (Kingston 512MB DDR PC2700) and harddisk (Western Digital 200GB PATA 7200RPM). But there’s a big problem. The mainboard isn’t able to run with a Precott-core based CPU, like the one I’ve ordered. So, I’m waiting for the webshop if they can trade this one with a Northwood-based core. Nevertheless, I have done some research and there are quite some interesting projects running:

On this page I would like to share my experience of setting up Debian GNU/Linux on that box. It will look a lot like the Linux on ASUS DigiMatrix page, from the list above.

So, hopefully soon some more info about this really great product!

Written by Harm

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