Well, let’s talk about last friday (18th). When dad got back from work it was time to get some Coca-Cola and Sprite at the local supermarket (which is only 1km away ;)). Went into the car with my little brother and have taken a long trip (around 15km) back ;). At friday night all my friends came here to drink something and do a little chitchat.

Then next day (saturday) I had to be a referee for a youth match at our football club. ‘Our’ team won, wasn’t a very difficult match to lead. Then it was time to play football myself. As said the day before yesterday we had to play against the #1 of our listing. Everything didn’t went very well, we missed three of our usual midfield players, so, we weren’t able to give our attackers a good ball. Lost the game with 2-0. I goalkeeped pretty well, couldn’t help the goals being scored.
Last night I had to pick up my brother at his work, about 15km from here. First time driving in the dark. Went ok :).

About a half an hour the match between ‘my’ club PSV Eindhoven and AFC Ajax takes place. Very exciting match. PSV is at the top of the listing, Ajax is at the 3th place and switched their trainer last week, so the players will be extra motivated. Some players of PSV are also good motivated, this because of the selection of the Dutch national team, well, rather don’t want to talk about it, long story. If your Dutch you can read all about the selection at the Voetbal International website.

Nevertheless, PSV, just win with 2, 3 or four 0 :D.

Written by Harm

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