Ok, I admit, I’m not that kind of active logger :). Let’s talk about the important match last sunday. PSV just overflowed Ajax. ‘My’ club scored four times, and nevertheless, they didn’t play in Eindhoven itself. Wonderful match, Van Bommel scored three times, now let’s hope the Dutch coach of the national team (Marco van Basten) has also seen it, and that Van Bommel can start in the match against Romania this weekend.

After that important match I decided to go see the local football club. They had to play against FC De Rakt, in a town called Uden. Driven to the place with my brother, but we couldn’t find the football field, pretty embarrassing, because it was one of the first times I’ve driven with anyone else :).

Monday just a normal day school. Monday evening it was time to play my once-in-two-weeks ‘futsal’ (indoor football), just with some friends. Nice match. After the football we went to visit my friend Roel, he became nineteen, the little ‘sjambek’ :). Didn’t stay very long, had to get up at 6:30 next morning.

Yesterday also a usual day school, after school made a few things for our group project (making a GPS plotter, I’ll tell something about the project soon :)), and also my standard football training. Was quite ok, had to train with the first team, just like my normal teammates.

Today no school, but lots of work to do, either for my work at Tiscom Hosting as for the group project work at school. Have finished almost everything I had in mind doing today. Well, tomorrow one day school, then free at friday (Good Friday), monday (Easter), probably tuesday and wednesday, and after next week the exams start. So hopefully I find some time to continue logging :).

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