First day of Easter, finally some time to log :). Didn’t do anything much useful thursday, as going to school and train my keeper skills at football. Nice note, won on eBay a bidding on a JBL 5.1 speaker set. Which fits perfectly on my – also bought at eBay – second hand receiver, the Harman/Kardon AVR 500 RDS.

We (the seller and I) made an appointment to pick up the speaker set friday evening. He lives in Utrecht, but as can be read below I’ve got my driving license a week ago :).

Before driving to Utrecht I still haven’t done anything advantageous than just surf around the internet and do some standard maintenance for work. Did also call my nephew who also lives in Utrecht to meet him at his place, that was allright. So there I did go, my first real cartrip, to Utrecht. Everything went ok and the car wasn’t total loss :). However, I did receive a parking fine of a freakin’ €47,-, just not normal, because I left the car for about 10 minutes and we were shipping speakers in and out. Visiting my nephew was nice, he’s going to Cuba at thursday for three weeks, have fun Bart!

After installing the whole speakerset at friday night I finished everything saturday morning, and wow, what a fantastic sound. Truely incredible, better then at the cinema ;).

Saturday afternoon it was time to play football, started at the bank and stayed there the whole match, lost with 0-3. It was 0-0 until 10 minutes before the end. A match like: ‘who scores wins, and if both teams doesn’t score, it’s just a draw’, unfortunately we didn’t score… Small good thing, have to sit on the bank with our first team monday :).

Today, sunday, the first day of Easter I visited together with mom, dad and Teun grandmom and dad. Whole family was there and played small matches of football, had a lot of fun.

Not much to do next week, tomorrow sitting on the bank as said. Tuesday still to school, we have to finish some organizing project. Wednesday another day off, the Dutch national team has to play then against Armenia (they’ve won with 0-2 against Romania by the way :D), also a win game, at first sight :). Haven’t planned much after that, thursday just a normal day school, just like friday. The week after next week: exams. And again, we’ll see when the next log has arrived.

Written by Harm

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