Yesterday, finally Debian Sarge (3.1r0) was released. After three year of intensive development by lots of volunteers this – in my opinion the best – Linux taste has been set out of the (frozen) ‘testing’ range. Were it was put into, I thought August 2004. When everybody was thinking it shouldn’t take longer then two months :)…

Today, I finally had some spare time, the GPS project (see 6th of May) had to be delivered today. Almost everything was finished, minus some small points. Also most of all other school tasks were finished. So, in two weeks I finally have my – well-deserved – holidays :D. After finishing the GPS project, I had to fix something for the Henri Bloem site, doing some things in the garden, and now, time to test ‘Sarge’.

I already had a Woody box at home, which was running a 2.6 kernel though. So, I thought, just upgrade to Sarge as stated in the release notes. Everything went well, upgrade took about half an hour (at a PII 400MHz machine, not bad). Then it was time to reboot, checked everything again, and there we go…

When the machine was about to start LILO mr. Murphy appeared. Only ‘LI’ was located, fuck, I think I had to run lilo before rebooting. Now, I still have to reinstall everything. Not bad, because the system was running Woody for about 2 and a half years by now, and really stressed with lots of unstable software, haha.

Have fun watching the end of 24‘s season 4, again a increment of pleasure in comparison with season 3 :D.

Written by Harm

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